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JavaTportal Corporation offers Best AngularJS Training in Noida with most experienced professionals. We're a leading AngularJS training institute in Noida. We provide most learning environment for major technical course at affordable price Our Instructors are working in AngularJS and related technologies for more years in MNC's. We aware of industry needs and we are offering AngularJS Training in Noida in more practical way. Our team of AngularJS trainers offers AngularJS in Classroom training, AngularJS Online Training and AngularJS Corporate Training services. We framed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level. Our training will be handled in either weekday or weekends programmer depends on participants requirement.

Best AngularJS Training in Noida

JavaTportal offering special summer training offer in AngularJS. JavaTportal is a leading Industrial Summer training center in Noida. JavaTportal AngularJS Certification Training will help you in mastering the various concepts of AngularJS from scratch. AngularJS supports different programming paradigms like object oriented, functional, procedural and imperative styles. It boasts of an automatic memory management and dynamic type of system. Its vast and comprehensive library lets programmers to develop any program easily. It is widely used as a scripting language but can also be used in large non scripting programs.

Candidates will implement the following concepts In future, AngularJS course helps you to gain expertise in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers by transforming your career into Data Scientist role.

We do offer Fast-Track Angular 4 Training in Noida and One-to-One Angular 4 Training Institute in Noida. Here are the major topics we cover under this Intro to NodeJS Ecosystem – Essential for Angular 2, AngularJS 1 vs Angular 2 Vs Angular 4, Deep Dive into Components, Directives, Angular 2 Life cycle hooks, Forms, Deployment,Unit Testing - Intro.. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples.

Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples. JavaTportal Corporation located in various places in Noida. We are the Best Training Institute in Noida offers certification oriented AngularJS Training in Noida. Our participants will be eligible to clear all type of interviews at end of our sessions. We are building a team of AngularJS trainers and participants for their future help and assistance in subject. Our training will be focused on assisting in placements as well. We have separate HR team professionals who will take care of all your interview needs. Our AngularJS Training in Noida Course Fees is very moderate compared to others. We are the only AngularJS training institute in Noida who can share video reviews of all our students. We mentioned the course timings and start date as well in below.

JavaTportal is the well-known AngularJS Training Center in Noida with high tech infrastructure and lab facilities. We also provide online access of servers so that candidates will implement the projects at their home easily. JavaTportal in Noida mentored more than 4000+ candidates with AngularJS Certification Training in Noida at very reasonable fee. The course curriculum is customized as per the requirement of candidates/corporate.

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Placement Assistance after AngularJS Training in Noida

  • JavaTportal Top Placement Company are :- HCL, Wipro, Dell, Birlasoft, TechMahindra, TCS, IBM
  • JavaTportal HR team focuses on Group Discussions, personality development, and create students RESUME as per current company standards.
  • After completion of 75% training course content, we will arrange the interview calls to students & prepare them to F2F interaction.
  • CV Designing as per the company standard (Job Description).
  • Better Aptitude & Test Papers For Candidates by trainer.
  • We Prepare HR Interview.
  • We provide Job Portal for Credentials so that Candidates can apply the job.
  • We provide 100% placement assistance
  • We provides interviews calls till Placement.

What is AngularJS

Angular JS is an open source JavaScript framework that is used to build web applications. It can be freely used, changed and shared by anyone.Angular Js is developed by Google.

It is an excellent framework for building single phase applications and line of business applications.

AngularJS Training Syllabus

The Front End Frameworks- Big Picture
Intro to NodeJS Ecosystem – Essential for Angular 2
  • Intro to NodeJS and Ecosystem
  • Understanding NPM Packages
  • Understanding package.json
  • Essential NPM commands
AngularJS 1 vs Angular 2 Vs Angular 4
Angular 2 Setup
  • Angular Cli
  • Creating a project
  • Project architecture Walkthrough
  • Typical Angular 2 App Architecture
  • Start the server, Understanding it
Quick Intro to TypeScript
  • What is TS?
  • Using Types
  • Classes
  • Modules, Import, Export
Getting started with Components
  • What is a Component?
  • Breaking down into Component
  • Project Structure
  • Understanding app code
  • How does Angular 2 App Start?
  • Understanding AppModule (app.module.ts)
Deep Dive into Components
  • Inner or Multiple Components
  • Generate inline templates
  • Shorthand commands
  • ng-content
Data Binding
  • Intro
  • String Interpolation
  • Property Binding
  • Custom Property Binding
  • Event Binding
  • Two-way data Binding
  • Custom Event Binding
  • Attribute Directives
  • Structural Directives
  • Custom Attribute Directive (Hands-on Coding Challenge : Colorizer )
  • Custom Attribute Directive with event (Hands-on Coding Challenge: EvtListener)
  • Chrome Inspector
  • Augury
  • What are Services?
  • Dependency Injection
Angular 2 Life cycle hooks
Angular 2 Router
  • Intro to Router
  • Setting up Router
  • Associating Links
  • Imperative Routing
  • Route Parameters
  • What are Pipes?
  • Pipes transform displayed values within a template
  • Pipes Docs
  • Creating Custom Pipes
  • Template Driven Approach
  • Data Driven Approach
Intro to Observables
Unit Testing - Intro
Demo App with Angular 4 Front End on Last day

  • More than 10 Years of experience in AngularJS ® Technologies
  • Has worked on multiple realtime AngularJS projects
  • Working in a top MNC company in Noida
  • Trained 2000+ Students so far
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Certified Professionals
  • More than 2000+ students Trained
  • 92% percent Placement Record
  • 1000+ Interviews Organized
    Regular Batch (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Seats Available : 10 (maximum)
    Weekend Training Batch (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)
    Fast Track Batch
  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

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