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This website known value of its user data and collect user data in safe manner to provide better user experience to its visitors.

This privacy policy provides information about what data this website collects from its visitors and legal agreements formed between users of this website and us. If you are using this website then you are agreeing our terms and conditions and privacy policy. This page is for providing detailed information how our website maintain privacy policy for its user and how user data is governed to protect privacy of our users.

This website offer different services, information’s to its users and in exchange we collect very basic data with help of cookies to ensure better user experience. A few more detailed can be found below.

What information’s are collected?

In a simple manner you can visit, see, use and consume downloads and other data of this website without revealing anything about yourself, there are lots of data that we collect in indirect matter which is mandatory and cannot be denied by any users through cookies. You can choose to disable cookies but it may affect your user experience and the way you use our website. We collect very basic data that are as following below :-

Location: - We track location of our visitors to determine trend of searches and our ranking on search engines for specific counties.

Device: - Device type and details about it are also collected to provide better user experience.

Browsers: - We do track type of your browser for better rendering of our websites.

Operating system :- Operating system and software versions are also track to see taste and content variety published on our website is compiling with user’s need or not.

If you choose to register for our services you are not limited by reveling your personal information and all data and other details share through a website forum or email communications are just used to serve you our products and services. In that cases we collect following data:-

Details submitted to forms including contact details, emails, phone no. your request and many other aspects such as name, financial details for doing payment (We don’t store your credentials)

In general, you can visit the Site without telling us who you are or revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself. By providing your Personal Information to us, you explicitly agree to our collection and use of such information as described in this Policy. We log everything provided by your browser’s data and each visits are recorded.

Billing and Payment

We only receive payments for services and product we provide and to ensure privacy of your financial details we use secure payment method and all data collected during payments are stored safely with payment gateway providers.


JavaTportal Media Group uses cookies, a small javascript written software to track visitor’s raw data. Cookies are used differently by each websites but we use it in general way to identify visitors and keep record of our traffics. Information’s collected through cookies are not identical, cookies don’t collect deep down personal information’s. All data which is collected by cookies are kept safe by us and not sold to anyone. In case of user not accepting cookies then it may create issue in rendering our website completely and user’s experience are affected. There are two cookies used by a normal website, one is season wise and another persistent. Season cookies are cleared after a season and you are logged out but persistent cookies remain in your browser cache to track each of your visits. This cookie policy is for JavaTportal Media Group only, cookies by any third party advertisers can be read below.

Third Party Cookies

We use different ad engines to display ads on Javatportal, ad services like Google AdSense and to identify users Google uses dart cookie. Third party cookies are part of our websites but data collected through third-party cookies are stored safe at vendor and are used for advertising purpose. These cookies are helpful to identify and serve you better ads.

Links to Third Party Websites

We may link too many third-party resources in general for clarification and resources but we are only responsible for content on JavaTportal. All content hosted by this website or any blog of our network are our copyrighted by us and we do not copy or publish any third party websites. In case we do we will link to their content page as source but we do not promote any third-party sites and we only use them for references. Privacy policy for any third party sites are not same as our website.

Log Files

This website maintain log file to keep record of visitor’s visit and we do not gather any information to sell it and log files are created to keep record of basic information, manage data and traffic.


Information’s collected by our website and submitted detail are store security by our webmasters and never shared or sold to third parties. These information’s are used in general method to service provide service. Maintaining privacy of our customers are very important and we do respect policy of our customers in all aspects and manners. These privacy policy stands for both our visitors and customers. We respect everyone’s privacy and securely store their data.

Change in this Privacy Policy

JavaTportal Media Group hold rights to change privacy policy for this website. Privacy policy can be changed without prior notice.